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From mold testing to full bacterial and microbial remediation, Bactronix Services can help in a quick, affordable, safe, and effective way. Offering residential mold removal and treatment, microbial control, bed bug, and odor abatement services, Bactronix Services is the one stop shop for testing, analyzing, treating and certifying of residential homes. Our EPA-registered products and our treatment services are grounded in an eco-friendly Bactronizing Process that is safe for people, plants and pets. This highly effective process is founded upon an antimicrobial remediation program that incorporates testing and reporting with treatment using our advanced nanotechnology products to eradicate environmental quality conditions, such as bio-contaminant levels and odors, from our customers’ homes.

One of the most common conditions we encounter in homes, “Sick Home Syndrome,” is often caused by mold, virus, fungi, algae, bacteria and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Sick Home Syndrome is known to cause health issues from mild allergic reactions to serious ongoing health problems. The Bactronizing Process has treated such conditions in thousands of homes.

What we can do for you:

  • Mold and microbial testing

  • Residential mold treatment and control

  • Treatment for residential virus and bacteria contamination

  • Treatment for bed bugs and other pests

  • Residential duct cleaning and disinfection

What is Sick Home Syndrome?

What is the Bactronizing Process?

Why is the Bactronizing Process so effective?

Why is mold so difficult to control?

How do bacterial and viral infections spread?

How can odors be removed?