5005 Rockside Rd, Ste 600-155, Indeendence, OH 44131
Monday / Friday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Mold testing
"The staff worked really hard and are very polite"

The builders left a mess and The Kleaner were there and wiped every spec of dust away from every edge and ledge.

WeConstruct Inc. Construction Company
Mold testing
"Excellent customer care and environmentally aware"

Excellent customer care and environmentally aware, The Kleaner are professional in all they do!

Tamara Wood Office Receptionist
Mold testing
"Great Job carried out by The Kleaner!"

What a great job carried out by The Kleaner. From the initial planning to completion, always on time

Marguerite Warren Manager Real Estate
Mold testing
"The Kleaner always go the extra mile!"

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service your company provides.

Skyfoods Inc. Aviation Catering
Mold testing
"Hard working, honest and reliable"

The Kleaner is a very good cleaning company. They always come on time.. Definitely going to hire them again!

Stephen Hamblin CEO Warehous Inc.
Mold testing
"Truly a pleasure to work with them!"

We found The Kleaner a pleasure to work with. The staff was friendly and completed the projects within time

Damaris Richardson Hotel Receptionist

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